Groundbreaking held at Fowler High School

Students, teachers, and city officials planted their shovels in the dirt at Fowler High School Tuesday to mark the beginning of a major reconstruction project.

Fowler is the first school to begin renovations in Phase 1 of the Joint School Construction Board's project.

Syracuse Superintendent Dan Lowengard says the project will dramatically change the inside and the outside of the school.

The classrooms will be renovated and updated with new technology, windows will be put into the school, the entrance will be moved to the side of the building, and improvements will be made to the grounds and athletic fields.

Students say they're excited.

"The athletic facility is not up to what it's supposed to be," says sophomore Teresa Christie. "We don't have a track field, so we have to go practice at Corcoran for track season."

The renovations at Fowler are expected to be complete by 2013.

Lowengard says this is just the beginning. Renovations begin at the Institute of Technology Syracuse Central soon.

He says reconstruction on Dr. Weeks school will start this summer, and reconstruction on H.W. Smith will start next year.