Group protests fracking at presidential visit in Syracuse

Protestors began to show up for President Obamaâ??s visit to Syracuse about three hours before the event.

By 2:30 p.m., about 100 protestors lined Teall Avenue near Henninger High School.

The majority of protestors oppose Obamaâ??s stance on hydrofracking.

Some signs had "No Fracking" on one side and "Renewable Energy Now" in the other.

One man tells CNY Centralâ??s Jim Kenyon that the groupâ??s message to Obama is that there is no real reason to use fracking when there are renewable energy options.

Obama is expected to outline his agenda to combat rising college costs at Henninger High School on at 6 p.m. A release from the White House says Obama's plan will measure college performance through a new rating system and tie financial aid to college performance. (CNY Central will carry his remarks live on and on NBC3 and CBS5).

CNY Central will have extensive coverage of the Presidentâ??s visit to Syracuse, including a live stream of the Presidentâ??s remarks. Follow #ObamaInCNY on Twitter for updates throughout the day.