Groups gather to discuss Kirk Park shooting

Mothers Against Gun Violence and other community organizations gathered in Kirk Park Tuesday afternoon to discuss a shooting that happened over the weekend.

Syracuse police say shots were fired shortly before 5pm, when a Pop Warner football game was taking place. No one was hurt, but the game was cancelled at halftime.

One person, a 15-year-old who later told police he was involved, was taken into custody following the shooting. Police say it's still under investigation.

Dozens of people spoke out against the shooting at the park, including Mothers Against Violence President Helen Hudson.

"Babies, 6 or 7 years old , should not have to hit the grass to dodge bullets," says Hudson.

She says she has a message for anyone who considers getting involved in a violent act.

"It's not going to be tolerated. It's unacceptable, and you will be held accountable," says Hudson.

Hudson says there are plenty of places where people facing problems can get help, like local churches or youth organizations.

William Sullivan, Sr. was also at the event. He coaches Pop Warner football at Kirk Park and was there Saturday when the shots were fired. Sullivan says he was happy to see people at the park for the rally, but he and other people who work with the kids need support all of the time.

"We need these people to come out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to see what we deal with as far as our kids and their needs," says Sullivan.

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner says she's been meeting with the parks commissioner, police chief, and Pop Warner representatives to see how the city can help the community.

"We will do whatever is necessary to make sure the children can play football, the community can enjoy them playing football, and that people feel safe," says Miner.

Coach Sullivan says it may help to have more security at the park. Mayor Miner says at this point, nothing has been ruled out.