Guilty verdict for older teen involved in deadly "Knockout game" beating

A family court judge hands down a guilty verdict for the second teen involved in beating a man to death as part of a game called "Knock Out" three months ago.

On Monday, the 16-year-old learned he would spend the next year and a half in a juvenile detention facility. The judge has the right to extend the sentence, until the defendant turns 18 years old.

The teen, who was 15 when the incident occurred, will be sentenced next Wednesday.

An adult tried for the same crime would have faced a much harsher sentence, ranging from one-to-three years locked up to five-to-fifteen years behind bars.

The teen is one of the two accused of beating Michael Daniels, 51, outside of the Los Amigos Market near West Brighton Street in May. Daniels died the next day.

The other teen, a 13 year old boy, pleaded guilty to assault and attempted assault last week, before his trial started.

Neither of their names were released because of their ages.