Gun control dominates conversation in Central New York

Following protests outside its offices, the NRA has broken its silence.

They are not the only ones. The families of gun violence victims were on Capitol Hill, demanding new gun regulations, four days since a massacre that has rocked this nation to the core.

Now one of the largest sporting goods chains, Dicks Sporting Goods, says it's suspending sales of modern rifles nationwide.

While doing some holiday shopping at Destiny USA, Central New Yorkers expressed different opinions about what they want to hear from the NRA. Susan Meath was shopping with her son and his girlfriend, visiting from Nevada, when she expressed her view.

"I think you're allowed to have some sort of arms but not automatic weapons. And I'm hoping they'll put a ban on those," says Meath.

Mary Christine Neyhart was enjoying the evening with her husband. She says the NRA is not to blame.

" In my opinion, I don't think the NRA really needs to make a statement. I don't think they have any liability in this at all," says Neyhart.

Scott Taylor was shopping with his wife and says it's assault weapons that are the problem.

"I don't see these high capacity, multiple round weapons. I don't know why people have them other than in the military. I have no problem with someone having a gun at home. But I just don't see the reason for these," says Taylor.

The NRA is promising to say more in a news conference on Friday.