Gun control legislation called a 'travesty born of a tragedy'

Local leaders are expressing their opinions following the passage of new gun control legislation on Tuesday in New York State.

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner says she supports the new legislation.

"Since becoming Mayor, I have been a strong advocate of gun control. This is why I strongly applaud the work of our leaders in Albany coming together in the face of the Newtown tragedy to pass the tough, common sense gun control measures," said Miner in an exclusive statement to CNY Central.

Ursula Rozum of the Syracuse Peace Council says she thinks the legislation is a positive step forward.

"Really, the kinds of policies we're seeing out of New York State I think are a step in the right direction, but I think it's not just about the access to weapons," said Rozum. "But it's also psychologically, 'Why do people pick up weapons?' and 'What kinds of conditions?'"

Others, however, are disappointed and upset with the legislation.

"Frankly, it's a travesty born of a tragedy," said NRA-certified firearm instructor Scott Armstrong. "This package, while it contains some good provisions, places extreme restrictions on people who have been law-abiding gun owners for decades."

The legislation also requires mental health professional report patients who they think might use a gun illegally. The law also requires a ban on large magazines, tougher penalties for gun crimes, and background checks on both ammunition and private gun sales, including those at gun shows. Read more of the law's specifics.