Gun control legislation contested by public in LaFayette

Meetings are being held by state officials around New York to answer any questions the public has about the SAFE act. This gun control legislation has made New York State the toughest on guns in the nation. Tonight at the LaFayette Town Hall, over 150 members from the community gathered to voice their concerns.

There were so many people at the event, that some were forced out into the rain. Due to safety concerns, a limit was imposed for how many could come into the building. A speaker was brought outside for them to be able to hear, but their potential questions fell on deaf ears, initially. At the end of the public meeting, a time frame of a half an hour was opened for those who could not ask their questions during the forum.

Mike Green is the New York State Director of Criminal Justice Services and he was one of the main members from the state who was directing this meeting. "We just wanted to give people accurate information about what the law actually says," says Green. Some of the questions that were brought up during the meeting were "Is my gun still legal, what do I need to do to keep it legal, how does this effect my permit," said Green.

Mike Mastrogiovanni is a gun owner and he voiced the question that many in the room were questioning: how did this bill passed so fast? "It was done it the dark of night, they got the bill, they couldn't read the bill, they were told to vote on it and I'm sure there was a lot of heavy weight put on a lot of people," said Mastrogiovanni.

Tony Steiner owns and operates his own store AKS Firearms, in LaFayette. "As soon as the governor signed this law into effect about seventy five percent of my inventory was no longer available for sale in New York State," says Steiner. "How'd you like to be a Chevy deal and wake up the next morning and be told that all the pick up trucks are illegal and that you can't sell them." He can no longer sell them within the state. "I have to now take it out of state and sell it to out of state residents or wholesale it outside of the state."

These informational sessions will be ghoing on throughout the week across the state to answer any lingering questions.