Habitat for Humanity plans to build new home for local veteran

Habitat for Humanity plans to build a new home for a local veteran.

A ground blessing ceremony was held Friday at the site of the future home on East Yates Street in East Syracuse.

Army veteran Scott Brennan is the future homeowner. He served in the Army for three and a half years when during training for departure to Iraq in 2006, he fell out of the back of a Bradley tank and tore ligaments in his knee. He continued to train with his leg injury for a month and a half until he received surgery. He was later medically discharged from the Army and was forced to permanently retire. In 2008, he came home to several family and financial hardships which landed him and his two children in a Salvation Army shelter until they received assistance from the VA.

Brennan says he's being able to provide a home for his family is a dream come true. "Having a new house that's the American Dream and being an old soldier I've always wanted to be a homeowner and I get the chance to from Habitat for Humanity, it's awesome," Brennan said.

The home is a 1,400 square foot ranch-style house built on a concrete slab. It is specially adapted and is wheelchair accessible for those with disabilities visiting or living in the home.

Habitat for Humanity plans to begin construction on the Veterans Build house this summer. This will be the third house they have built for disabled veterans in Onondaga County.

Brennan will live there with his two children, Arianna and Scott Jr.

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