"Hair-raising" fashion show raises money for ACR Health

Hair blowout at the Landmark Theater.

The Landmark Theater had some "hair-raising" fun with a funky fashion show.

The AIDS Community Resources Center held a hair-centered fashion show Sunday to raise money for their youth programs.

All the fun was emceed by CBS 5 anchor, Michael Benny.

Seven salons from across the Syracuse area showed off their products on a dozen models and it was all for a good cause.

Morgan Brennan was performing in the show. She was dressed up as a lion when she took the runway. "It's so surreal for me, just seeing everyones different costumes and looks and the energy back there is just anxious to get out there and just perform," says Brennan.

Moe Harrington O'Neill works for the Cuse Center at ACR Health. "We just figure, it's a little bit different, yes, but it's a great way to spread the message. We just like to have fun, we want to have fun while we're spreading the message as well," says O'Neill.

ACR Health says LGBT youth are three times more likely to drop out of high school and four times as likely to commit suicide. They hope this event will continue to raise awareness of the problem.

"They have poor body image, they have poor decision making. They are at risk for so many other things and that's what we're trying to create awareness about," says O'Neill.

Whether they're taking a picture or posing in one, everyone on and off the runway says they are happy to be raising money for such a worthy cause.

Youlanda Johnson was watching the fashion show. "It pushes people to do greater things in the community and why not? What better event would there be to be at on a day like this?" says Johnson.

"It makes me feel proud that I'm a part of this, because I think a lot of these people coming to support this are involved with that community and support that as well. So just being one big community makes me feel good that we're all here to support a major cause," says Brennan.

ACR Health would like to raise five thousand dollars through this hair blowout to keep their youth programs running.