Haiti Island needs a new bridge

Last year, the only way on and off Haiti Island gave out. Residents had to use their boats and ATVs to get to the mainland. One year later, they are driving over the bridge, but it has not been replaced like they were told it would be.

We TMre in really desperate trouble, says island resident Betty Ranger. She TMs lived on the island for five years and says if you live on the island you have to be prepared for the bridge to go any time. She wants the state to really get moving on fixing this bridge. This bridge is down so we really, they really need to get on it. Put it on the top of the list not at the bottom.

Ed DeWolf also lives on the island. At first it started out as a summer home, but he and his wife loved the river so much, they sold their house in the village and moved to Haiti Island year round. It TMs something you get used to (the bridge). It TMs been like that ever since we lived here, but it TMs always been a little bit leery every time you go across it, especially when you have your grandkids with you. DeWolf also says because of the bridge residents are limited to what fuel suppliers they can have to heat their house. Also furniture delivery and getting boats in and out of the water is almost impossible for certain size trailers.The town and the state have been working very closely together to get this bridge up and running once again. Pete Marshall is the Mentz town supervisor and he says, We have received funding from Senator Michael Nozzolio and Cayuga County legislature. We just got the last round of paperwork last Tuesday|It TMs our goal to get this bridge fixed.

Right now, there is no date set to start construction on the new bridge. The town is also working on getting an email list of everyone living on the island, so they can keep them up to date on the bridge restructuring process.