Halloween Safety---if nothing else, do this!

If nothing else, check neighborhood maps for where sex offenders might live

Some last minute Trick-or-Treat safety tips, including a very important one:Check a map of your children's planned route to make sure it does not include stops at a sex offender's address. How? There are links: is easy to remember, and the link is on the lower right side. If you want to go directly to the Family Watchdog link, it's easy to negotiate and will display a map with markers.You can also sign up for emails alerting of new offender residents in your neighborhood. And you can do this, for more than Halloween!

Russ Mitchell, who heads up Neighborhood Watch of CNY , representing over 100 groups in Onondaga County excluding Syracuse, has these other tips:Trick or Treating: {>}Know the routes! Older children should carry a phone and check in hourly, younger ones need an adult accompanying them.{>}Costumes should be visible (reflective tape helps), and the child should be able to see out (face paint is better than a mask).{>}They should be seen---carry a flashlight or glow sticks{>}Do not stop at places with lights out! (Many neighborhoods put limits on trick or treat times)Check the treats!{>}Only take safely wrapped items. Don't take fresh fruit or baked goods (sorry, times are changing).Have an adult inspect all before children start eating.