Halloween safety tips as you get ready for Trick or Treat

<p>Lots of 'small things' can make Trick or Treating safer-like take more than one cell phone, in case the battery dies. </p>

With Halloween coming up, we asked Onondaga County Sheriff's Deputy Herb Wiggins for some safety tips. Here's what he told us, on Sunday morning's Weekend Today in Central New York:

~Make sure costumes are visible. Include reflective tape, or a reflective vest for visibility while walking.

~Carry flashlights with fully charged batteries, and make sure the kids flash the beam side to side for more visibility (the light's for more than looking at the candy stash!)

~Children should go out in groups for maximum safety

~Each group should have moe than one cell phone, in case a battery runs low

~If you're out driving, pay special attention. Come to full stops and look (even at the signs you usually glide through)

Remember trick or treaters are probably not paying attention to you.

~Adults should check ALL candy and treats, and if there's anything suspicious, throw it out to be safe.

HAVE FUN! and you can do it safely!