Hamilton suicide occurred during New York State seizure of liquor store

We have new information about a suicide in Hamilton on Wednesday that had people raising questions.

We normally do not report on suicides, but many people were asking about the Wednesday shooting and further details about the suicide proved to be newsworthy.

Hamilton police have confirmed that the man who committed suicide was Ron Cook, owner of Cookâ??s Liquor Store.

Police Chief Rick Gifford said the suicide happened in the presence of agents for the New York State Taxation Department. The chief says the Tax Department was seizing Cookâ??s business. They had asked for a police officer to accompany them during the seizure.

The chief said that while Tax Department officials were wrapping up in the store, Cook â??produced a gun and perished from a self-inflicted gunshot.â??

Police say Cook did not appear happy during the seizure, but gave no indications of being suicidal. Chief Gifford said the incident, "had a horrible effect on the police officer" who was called to the scene at the request of the Tax Department.

We have not been able to reach the State Tax Department yet for a comment about the incident.