Happy Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim will not retire, yet

Syracuse Head Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim.

Syracuse Head Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim adamantly endorsed his top assistant Mike Hopkins Tuesday as being ten times better than any other candidate for the head coaching job at the University of Southern California. USC had been courting Hopkins as one of the top candidates to fill its coaching vacancy.

Instead of hiring Hopkins, USC Athletic Director Pat Haden hired the coach of suddenly popular Florida GulfCoast University. Andy Enfield took the 15th seeded team which carried the unofficial nickname "Dunk City" to the round of 16 in the NCAA tournament.

Before departing for the NCAA Final Four in Atlanta Coach Boeheim was critical of universities that are hung up on a candidate needing head coaching experience before being hired. Boeheim said it was good news for Syracuse because, "Mike Hopkins will be coaching here soon."

The mention of soon led to the question being raised again about Coach Boeheim's retirement plans. He smiled and chuckled about reporters bringing that up again. He said even with a victorious weekend he will not retire on Monday night.

He laughed when asked about Tuesday morning. He said, "No". He hesitated and then remarked, "Now, Wednesday...."