Hard Hat Expo helps students construct their career path

The Hard Hat Expo helps out students find jobs

If you look around you'll see more bulldozers than snow plows as spring draws closer. It's a good time to be in the construction business and that good feeling is what brought many people to the Hard Hat Expo at the State Fairgrounds on Thursday.

Across the country, service firms, which include construction companies, are seeing an increase in employment. According to a government report, roughly 200,000 construction jobs were added between November and January. Another 100,000 are expected to be added next year.

High school students came out to the Expo to get more information about starting careers in construction and transportation. A group from Ontario County came on a class trip from their trade school which is focused in the same area.

"Definitely construction. I love working with my hands and I'm good at it," says Davis St. Denis, a senior at Finger Lakes Technical and Career Center. "We try to come out here, try to find people that are hiring. There are some places here that offer scholarships to go to schools."

Sean Anderson is also looking to get started in the industry. "I'm just looking around looking at all the new stuff, looking at the vendors [and] checking them out, seeing what's out there really," he says.

Doug Paul is a Truck Sales Manager with Navistar and he gives advice to those looking to start their career. "Transportation as a whole is looking for mechanics, which we're having a difficult time finding and hiring," says Paul.