Harlem Globetrotters attract hundreds despite snow

Hundreds braved slippery roads and the cold to watch the Harlem Globetrotters play at the Carrier Dome on Friday night.

Several inches of snow did not stop fans of the Harlem Globetrotters from packing into the Carrier Dome on Friday night for one of the team's signature performances.

"I know my daughter; she loves the Globetrotters and wanted to get here," said dad Howie Lynn, who brought his daughter to the game. [My] wife thinks I'm crazy, but we're here."

One family drove more than two hours from outside Ithaca to see the Globetrotters. "We were skeptical to come, but my dad and I had already bought the tickets, and we really wanted to see them, so we drove all the way out," said Jennifer Vanetten of Trumansburg. "For most of the time, we were going about 30 miles to 20 miles an hour on the Interstate. Really skeptical to pass any cars." During the game, Vanetten and her father were thinking about staying in a hotel for tonight in case the roads were too slick.

Others felt the drive was manageable. "Route 81 was fine, and the streets have been pretty much plowed, so it was an easy ride," said Tony Rivizzigno of Liverpool.

Rivizzigno brought his grandson, Ben Spinelli, to see the game. Spinelli had a simple logic for why being at the game made sense. "I mean, this is better than staying home on a snowy day," Spinelli said.