Hate your job? Here are the best & worst jobs for 2013

If you hate your job, you may not be the only one. CareerCast has released its list of best and worst jobs you could get.

Have you ever dreamed of working as a newspaper reporter? CareerCast calls it one of the worst jobs you could find with a projected job growth of -6 percent and an average annual salary of $36,000. The industry has lost many jobs in recent years with some newspapers ending print editions altogether. Others like The Post Standard in Syracuse have cut back on print editions, shifting its focus to digital content.

The second worst job on the list is a lumberjack followed by enlisted military personnel, actor and oil rig worker.

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Have you ever heard of an actuary? In business, that's the person who deals with the financial impact of risk. It has a projected job growth of 27 percent and is considered one of the best jobs out there. You can make around $87,650 a year on average. It's ideal for people skilled in mathematics and statistical analysis. It is challenging and requires passing a series of exams.

The second best job on the list is a biomedical engineer followed by a software engineer, audiologist and a financial planner.

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How did CareerCast come up with the list? It focused on four core criteria: environment, income, outlook and stress. The environment category looked at factors like competitiveness, public contact, physical demands, work conditions and degree of confinement. The income category examined growth potential. The outlook category looked at employment growth, income growth potential and unemployment. The stress category focused on travel, deadlines and hazards.

Do you like your job? What do you like best about it? Or what do you hate the most about it? What do you think are the best and worst jobs out there? Leave your thoughts below.