Have you finished your holiday shopping?

Retailers rake in 40 percent of their yearly sales in the last two months of the year.

But perhaps the best gift for stores this year, is a new study showing most of you still have to do a lot of shopping to do

"I'm very last minute, always. I didn't do anything yet so I still have a lot of shopping to do," said Cassandra Henricy.

"I'm usually out shopping this time of year, but I got lucky this year and I'm done," said Darlene Nuzzo.

A new study shows only 8 percent of shoppers say they're finished getting gifts. Despite a drop after the black friday rush, holiday sales are still supposed to rise by about 4 percent, to a record $469-billion.

"I usually wait until the last minute, but this year I started black friday. It definitely helps you save if you start early," said Danielle Oliver.

And soon at Carousel Center, there will be a lot more places to shop. As construction on Destiny Usa continues, new stores start to set up shop, and we get a first look at what the expansion will look and feel like.

Right now, stores are stocking up for what they are calling "Super Saturday," many are offering discounts bigger than black friday sales.

There are just 8 shopping days left until Christmas.

Have you finished with your holiday shopping? Do you look for good deals? Do you find you save more when you wait, or when you start early? Leave your comments below!