Hazing investigation in Baldwinsville Boys Cross Country

Baldwinsville has suspended boys cross country after hazing complaints by team members

Baldwinsville Schools announced early Saturday morning that a possible hazing incident is under investigation, involving the boys cross country team.

In a statement to newsrooms, spokesperson Kelly Cary says that at 1:15pm on Friday, athletes from the team reported the incident to school administrators. "Sufficient information was provided to support the allegations that were made," according to the statement, so team activities are suspended until the full investigation is completed.

An Invitational is scheduled for today at the district's Durgee Middle School. We are told the meet will go on, though Baldwinsville boys will not participate in their event.

The district says no injuries, or use of illegal substances have been reported in connection with the allegations.

Athletic Director Christopher Campolieta and Baker High School administrators, as well as the school resource officer will do the investigation, with the Superintendent and her assistant superintendents to review the findings.

Dan Krawiec and Joe Nasoni are seniors at Baldwinsville High School. "

It was like, I wasn't expecting it, because they're all pretty good kids. It was probably just misinterpreted that's what I'd say

," says Nasoni. "I think it's just not having fun that's taken the right way, people take it too serious sometimes when everyone's messing around having fun."


I think specifically as high school guys a lot of it could be taken as joking around


but then a lot of times it kind of escalates and then with that new law too, where everyone has to say something even if they were there probably escalated quickly

," says Krawiec. "It definitely caught us off guard and I think the cross country team is full of, they're all pretty good kids too, so I don't really know what happened there."

The hazing allegations come in the same week that Cornell cancelled its mens lacrosse fall activities because of hazing allegations