He sat on a Cortland County Grand Jury then spilled secrets, police say

<p>Collin C. Horak</p>

A man from Homer is charged with releasing secret information he learned while serving on a Grand Jury in Cortland County. Investigators say Collin C. Horak, 23, is charged with Unlawful Grand Jury Disclosure, a class E Felony, and Unlawful Disclosure of an Indictment.

Investigators say Horak gave information to a defendant, including testimony of witnesses involving drug cases.

Grand Jury proceedings and actions taken by a Grand Jury are required by law to be kept secret
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may disclose their own testimony.

In a news release, Cortland County District Attorney Mark Suben said "I consider such wrongful disclosures to strike at the heart of our ability to successfully prosecute serious crimes."

Horak was arraigned

and released on his own recognizanc