Healthy Pet Clinic returns to Syracuse's north side Sunday

Christine Rinaldi.

The Healthy Pet Clinic returns to Syracuse's north side neighborhood on Sunday, May 5th. Volunteers are preparing for another busy afternoon of caring for animals in one of the city's neediest neighborhoods. The April Healthy Pet Clinic provided care for about 80 pets. The clinics are organized by the Shamrock Animal Fund which was co-founded by news anchor Matt Mulcahy and his wife Jamie.

This innovative program has served nearly 1200 animals over the last two years. Residents of the City of Syracuse's north and east sides who meet financial requirement will receive a low cost exam, vaccinations, flea and tick treatment and whatever other care the staff of volunteer veterinarians can offer.

Syracuse's north side neighborhood

This series of spring clinics return to the Assumption Church campus, 812 N. Salina Street and the St. Clare Theatre building in Syracuse. Hours are 1:00 to 4:00 pm on Sundays: May 5th and a possible June date. Pet owners are encouraged to arrive early as dogs and cats are examined on a first come first served basis. Pet owners who live outside of the Syracuse city limits cannot be served.


People are encouraged to arrive early. Owners must bring documentation of financial need. Individuals must make less than $25,000 per year. Households less than $40,000. Proof of Income includes a Tax Return or a NYS Benefit Card. Proof of address is also required to show the pet owner lives in Syracuse.

There is a $10 cash fee per animal. Owners need to bring past veterinary and vaccination records. Cats must be in carriers. Dogs must be leashed and muzzled. No aggressive dogs. The City of Syracuse will offer dog licensing for an additional fee of $10 per dog that is fixed and $20 per dog that is not fixed. Onondaga County is assisting with rabies paperwork and tags. Information will also be given on low cost spaying and neutering.

Several exam tables will be in operation on May 5th staffed by volunteer veterinarians and veterinary technicians from several Central New York animal hospitals. The Cornell University Shelter Medicine Program also offers support to the Clinic including veterinary students. A group of some 25 volunteers will coordinate and administer the Clinic operations.

You can find more information about the spring Healthy Pet Clinics and past Clinics by going to or Pet owners can call 315-415-8563 with questions or e-mail: