Heartache and blessings for Mother of Syracuse toddler killed by falling television set

"I cried when I read this. These poor parents," wrote one reader of the story of Danielle Deming's daughter. Her two-year-old Amaya Beaudreault, died after she was crushed by a falling 32-inch television set on September 11, 2012. You can click here to watch the story.

Christine Burnett Doody wrote: "God bless you, Danielle for finding the strength to talk about this horrible tragedy. In you doing so, it will help you heal and may even save many children's lives. Stay strong!!"

One women recalled a similar scare involving a household accident. Mary Spears-Swizdor wrote: "My deepest sympathy for your loss. It almost happened to me 11 years ago. My grand-daughter was 2 yrs. old and we had recently purchased a 30 gallon aquarium, with a stand. She somehow pulled the aquarium on top of her. Her head and face went through it. I thank God every day she didn't die.

Other parents were stunned by the strength it must take to share such a deeply personal tragedy. Angela Wicks Howard wrote: "I'm so sorry for your loss. I can not even imagine how much your heart must hurt. Thank you for raising awareness to other parents that this can happen. You may have saved many more lifes. You are in our thoughts and prayers."