Heartbreaking opener for Syracuse Orange as Northwestern fights back for one point win

It was a record setting day for Syracuse Quarterback Ryan Nassib, in what was a thrilling game right until the end. The only thing missing for the Syracuse Orange football team after their season opener at the Carrier Dome was a win to show for it. An untimely personal foul from SU defender Keon Lyn for a late hit out of bounds led directly to Demetrius Fields' nine yard touchdown snag with 44 seconds left in the game, resulting in a heartbreaking 42-41 Orange loss.

"On the last drive it was hard to keep our composure," says senior defensive end Deon Goggins, "it was just a miscommunication on the call. We were just happy that we were coming back and it was one of those things where we have to learn how to keep our composure and stay level."

"You know to work so hard to get to that point," says junior defensive tackle Jay Bromley, "to come all the way back and to lose by one point in the end it was devastating, but you have to learn from it and not put yourself in the predicament to lose."

Nassib and the SU offense had a huge second half, one that included four second half touchdowns coming from behind to take the lead after being down by 22 points at one point. Christopher Clark caught a 22 yard touchdown from Nassib with 2:40 left in the game to give the Orange a 41-35 lead, after trailing 35-13 in the third quarter.

"We started clicking," says Nassib, "unfortunately, It was too late for us to take over the game."


crushed the school record of 29 completions he had shared with Marvin Graves and Andrew Robinson, finished 44 of 65 passing for 470 yards.

"When you have good receivers and good offense lines it makes my job easy

," says Nassib, "t

he coach had me in the right spot getting some good throws. I was fortunate enough to connect on some plays. But I definitely missed a couple key throws that I wish I could have had."

Things do not get easier for the Orange in week two, as they'll take on The USC Trojans next Saturday at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey.