Heartbroken mother demands answers after sonâ??s grave repeatedly vandalized

Baxter Fritz's grave at St. Joseph Cemetery in Fleming

The grave of 12-year-old Baxter Fritz has been tampered with and vandalized repeatedly since he died last year. Baxterâ??s mother is devastated and has spent many nights in the cemetery guarding her youngest sonâ??s grave.

"There are no good days. It's always on your mind. He's always with me. I always feel him around me. And that's why I'm here today," says Fritz.

Patty Fritz says she visits her sonâ??s grave at St. Joseph Cemetery, in Fleming, nearly everyday and often leaves flowers or mementos. She says the items she leaves go missing or are tampered with.

Patty Fritz has been spending many nights, often with her husband Steven, in the cemetery to protect her sonâ??s grave. She says she doesnâ??t sleep there but watches for those who may be responsible for disturbing Baxterâ??s grave.

On Monday, Patty Fritz found that the faceplate of Baxterâ??s grave had been turned upside down and a small urn was missing. Patty Fritz says this was the sixth time that the grave has been vandalized this year.

It appears that Baxterâ??s grave is the only grave that is repeatedly targeted.

Patty Fritz has reached out to police but is not satisfied with their response. Police say the vandals may have a personal vendetta, but the family doesnâ??t think anyone would have a reason to target Baxter.

Sheriff David Gould says the Cayuga County Sheriff's Office will patrol the area and is asking anyone with information to contact officials.

"It's not acceptable to me, to my deputies, to this family, or to anyone with common sense and decency. This is the worst thing you could do to a family," says Gould.

Gould has opened a case, citing criminal mischief and petit larceny.

"Any decent person should want this to be solved. This is a great family, a great young man who died too young. We need to stop it and we need the public's help to stop it."

Pattyâ??s sisters, Karen and Donna Stenard, frequently accompany Patty to the cemetery and are dismayed by the vandalism.

"Nobody should ever have to put their child to rest. You bring them into the world thinking, they're going to hold my hand one day when I'm old," says Fritz.

Baxter died unexpectedly last November after coming down with strep throat and suffering from an infection. Patty Fritz has another son who is 21.