Heartwarming stories of kindness in the Mohawk Valley flood zone

The Salvation Army has revealed the extent of the help it is handing out in the Mohawk Valley flood zone. Since Wednesday, The Army says it has served 2,611 meals. "We have crews here and helping from across New York State and as far away as Massachusetts," said Major James Purvis in a prepared statement. Since Sunday, The Salvation Army has provided more than 5,400 meals to residents in the Mohawk Valley.

The Army announced its volunteers helped an 83 year old woman celebrate her birthday. The Army announced: Today was Mary Jane Heafey of Mohawk's 83rd birthday. Her daughters shared that with The Salvation Army's mobile canteen crew from Oneonta while they were driving with breakfast provisions, who promptly arranged to obtain cupcakes. As the crew made its lunch swing around Mohawk, they presented a very surprised Mary Jane and family with birthday cupcakes.

In another display of kindness, The Army announced: This morning a woman and her young daughter came into the Herkimer Center asking for water, as they were down to their last gallon of water and had run out money. After being directed to retired Salvation Army officer Major Jody Best, she left with water, milk, breakfast bars for her children and lunch.

The Salvation Army continues to accept donations of luncheon meat, granola bars, Pop-tarts, fruit bars, fresh fruit, juice boxes and sports drinks.

To support The Salvation Army you can click here for a link to the donation page.