Heat not deterring people from State Fair

It's a hot weekend, but the temperature isn't keeping people away from the New York State Fair.

Instead, many are simply taking extra steps to stay comfortable in the heat. Many said they were trying to spend time in buildings or in the shade. Others were stocking up on cold drinks.

If you don't drink enough on such warm days, dehydration can become a problem. If the heat does become an issue for you at the fair, there is an infirmary.

So far this year, the heat has not caused a spike in infirmary visits. "I can say that it's pretty much average, the usual we see," said State Fair Infirmary Medical Director. "I haven't noticed that today's been any different than other usual fair days when it tends to be warm."

When it's hot, fair medical staffers keep an extra eye on people, especially seniors, and Monday and Tuesday is Senior Day at the fair.