Heavy rains not expected til Monday, but CNY is already seeing Sandy effects

Central NY preparing for flooding, power outages, and to help air travelers if they're diverted here.

Lots of alerts this weekend, as we monitor Hurricane Sandy's track toward the Northeast, but here in New York the moves are precautionary, so far.

The CNYCentral Weather Team expects heavier rain to begin here in the Syracuse area on Monday, though there are high wind warnings posted for much of Central New York (not Onondaga County).

Here is what is happening on the emergency preparedness front, on Sunday:

~Governor Cuomo held an emergency plan briefing on Long Island Sunday morning, and is now traveling to the Binghamton area and to along the Mohawk River for more details.

~Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente holds a news conference at noon, to detail his county's emergency planning. One concern there, flooding from the Mohawk River.

~In Utica, the DPW is creating sandbar barriers in the Roosevelt Drive neighborhood in South Utica, as a precaution against flooding. Mayor Robert Palmieri has set up an Emergency Operations Center in City Hall. A full emergency planning meeting is set for Monday, 7:30am.

~At Hancock Airport, Aviation Commissioner Chris Reale Callahan says there are no flight cancellations yet, though they are expected as the storm hits the Northeast Corridor. Hancock is on alert for diverted flights from big East Coast airports, including international flights.

~The Red Cross is beginning to mobilize volunteers and shelters pending the storm.

~Business has been brisk in water and grocery basics as well as batteries at area stores.

~Residents are reminded to keep storm drains clear of leaves, to prevent backups and flooding.

CNYCentral will update you through the next couple days.

Our Meteorologist Matt Stevens heads a crew which will be in New York City starting Sunday evening. He'll be filing reports here, on our TV stations, on our Facebook Page ( and on Twitter as well.