Heid's named one of â??America's Best Hot Dogsâ?? in Food & Wine magazine

      A local hot dog stand is recognized in "Food and Wine" magazine, for serving up some of the "top dogs" in the nation.

      Heid's in Liverpool is a landmark in Central New York. It was established in 1917 and is one of the oldest drive-ins in the country.

      "Food and Wine"

      praises Heid's Hofmann's hot dog, describing it as a "white, Coney-made with pork, veal and eggs whites and served on a New England-style split-top roll."

      Heid's is the sixth of 27 hot dog eateries featured in the list which also includes four New York City favorites-- Crif Dogs, Shake Shack, Mile End Deli, and Brooklyn's Bark Hot Dogs.

      The Liverpool stand is open year round, 7 days of the week.