Held by his ankles, Syracuse animal control officer rescues dog from Onondaga Creek

Black terrier mix named Casper rescued Tuesday by animal control officer, Jason Driscoll.

Jessica Smith calls her dog, Casper, her baby and she's thrilled to be holding him safe and sound in her arms again.

"At first I was grabbing him and snuggling him. And I was like oh my god my baby! And he looked at me and I was just hugging him," says Smith.

Monday night, Casper went missing. The next morning neighbors called animal control when they heard a dog barking next to Onondaga Creek.

Officer Jason Driscoll answered the call. Driscoll cut through a fence around the creek and three other officers held him by his ankles as he reached down to grab the black terrier mix with an extended leash.

"I didn't give it much thought until after. It probably wasn't the smartest decision but I had three or four good police officers holding on to me and I knew they weren't going to let go," says Driscoll.

For Officer Driscoll it was just another day on the job, but for Casper's mom, it was the day she got her baby back.

"When I found out what the officer did I was so thankful because nowadays you don't find a lot of people to help animals or people anymore," says Smith.