Help with your New Year's resolution to lose weight

If changing your food habits or losing weight is on your agenda this New Year, we have help

A sobering fact: only 75% of people who make New Year's resolutions keep them beyond the first week. By 6 weeks out, we're down to 46%.

Kristy Smorol, from the American Heart Association in Syracuse, has some tips to make your odds better:

Losing weight is one of the favorite resolutions, and Smorol says to change that to 'eat healthy to lose weight.'

Making small, attainable changes instead of one big goal will also help. Example: eat one portion of fruits and vegetables in every meal.

Also, change the portion size to advantage: a handful of nuts is healthy. Several handsfull is probably not.

Keeping a food diary will also help you think about what you're eating, and realize what you should not be. has more tips for you.