Herkimer dog owner's lawyer speaks out in neglect case

The allegedly neglected dogs as shown over the weekend.

The woman who had twelve dogs removed from her Herkimer farm has now hired a lawyer to speak on her behalf.

Attorney Mark Wolber says his client, whose name has not been released, did not deserve to have the dogs taken from her. While all of the dogs currently have mange, Wolber this stems from a veterinarian misdiagnosing a yeast disease. Wolber says if the mange was properly diagnosed, it would not have spread to the other dogs.

Mark Wolber is her lawyer. "She's worried about the impression that people have of her that she is a person that just has animals and has been neglecting them. When that isn't true, she's a person who loves animals who's taken in strays and cared for animals," says Wolber. "S

he did everything she could to deal with the situation


sought professional help


used the products that were recommended and I have some of them here just to show she went out and bought these applied them used them on the dogs and has done whatever she could


The dogs also have Lyme Disease, but Wolber says one in eight dogs in Herkimer County have that illness.

Employees with the Herkimer County Humane Society say they have no doubt in their minds that each of these dogs were subjected to animal neglect. They say some of the dogs were missing patches of fur and others were injured or emaciated.

Jodie Crews is with the Herkimer Humane Society. "Hopefully they stay, they get treated and we find them loving homes," says Crews. "She should be charged with neglect on behalf of all these dogs."

Wolber says no charges have currently been filed against his client. State Police are still investigating the case.

The dogs were taken from a home on Route 28 between Middleville and Herkimer on Saturday.