Heroin blamed for one death, two overdoses in Oswego

<p>A SUNY Oswego student is dead, two others are hospitalized with heroin overdoses. Police have an alert on 'potential lethality' of the drug that's circulating</p><p> </p>

Oswego City and SUNY Oswego Police have a warning out about 'potential lethality' of heroin that's circulating in the city.

One SUNY Oswego student died and another two are hospitalized after police say they used heroin Friday night..

Early Saturday morning, the NY Alert Messaging System put out an alert (listen here: )

The warning asks anyone with information to call City Police at 343-1212, or Campus Police at 312-5555.

Oswego's police chief said he is waiting for lab tests to learn if the students overdosed or if the heroin taken by students was mixed with another deadly substance. The student who died was in a campus dorm, the two students who were hospitalized were off campus.

Heroin use has been increasing across the country over the past few years. The drug is cheap, widely available and deadly.

"What occurs in society will also occur on college campuses," said SUNY Oswego Police Chief John Rossi.

SUNY Oswego director of public affairs Julie Harrison Blissert said the school will increase drug education efforts and the university president will meet with Oswego's mayor to discuss better ways to deal with substance abuse on and off campus. On Monday, Blissert said SUNY Oswego police officers are being trained to use the heroin overdose drug Narcan and officers will carry it on their shifts.

"We will be reaching out into the community more to tone down what is offered in the community to draw the students into less healthy behaviors," said Blissert.

Many students said they were heartbroken after realizing how quickly a young life can end.

"This should make students realize these are real world issues and they affect us as college students," said sophomore Robert Hackford.

The families of all three have been notified. The person who died lived on the SUNY Campus, the other two lived off campus.