High gas prices in Central New York drive more people to ride bikes

In Central New York, gas prices are surpassing $4 per gallon. Now, many people are looking into other forms of transportation.

At Syracuse Bicycle on Erie Blvd., co-owner Trish Dugan says the store is seeing a spike in business.

"When I pull up to the pump, and it's $100 to fill up my car, I'm thinking, 'You know what? I want to ride to work today,'" says Dugan. "I think it definitely plays a part. We're seeing more people interested in commuting."

Ari Andonopoulos commutes to work as often as he can. He says he rides his bike about 300 miles every week.

"It breaks up the cycle of being in the three boxes, the house, the car, and work," says Andonopoulos. "When I leave my house on my bike I get some fresh air, and I get some exercise, and I come into work more invigorated."

Dugan says bike riding in general has become more popular. There are more triathlons in the area, and Central New York is becoming more bike friendly by adding new, safer bike lanes. She says it's easy to try, and Syracuse Bicycle offers courses to help people get started.

As gas prices rise, do you find yourself using alternate forms of transportation? Do you have any tricks you use to conserve gas? Post your comments below.