High-heel dangers explained by a physical therapist

SYRACUSE, N.Y.--- Walking through a shoe store might start an internal dialogue for some ladies.

"There's always gel in between well I want to look cute, I want to look fashionable, so I make the sacrifice on my feet so that I can look fashionable," said Physical Therapist Adam Ruzskowski.

But what seems harmless may not be, warns Dr. Ruszkowski.

He says women of all ages are rough on their feet-whether it be for work or play, often wearing the worst offender for foot pain.

"Hands down, high heels. High heels 100%. The reason being, is it totally changes all of the foot mechanics," said Dr. Ruszkowski.

"having the normal doldrums of the nine to five, and higher wedge shoes, high heels of that nature, it changes the foot pressures and ultimately you start to see overuse injuries accumulate over time," says Ruszkowski.

That could mean pain in your joints and tendons, bunions and calluses that you may need surgery to remove later on.

Foot problems and pain affect a wide variety of women because of the shoes they choose to wear.

But physical therapists like Dr. Ruszkowski say that doesn't mean you have to completely give up style for functionality.

Shannon Gross is a nurse in syracuse.

"I am on my feet for pretty much my entire shift, aside from that slight break from lunch, I'm on my feet for pretty much the entire time," said Gross.

She brought her work shoes to Dr. Ruszkowski, but admits, she needs a few pointers from him about the heels she wears.

He says the common misconception is that your foot should fit the shoe-but it should be the other way around.

We took that J. Michael on Marshall Street in syracuse to see if we could find that happy medium.

While some choices were not up to snuff with the doctor's recommendations of a chunkier, lower heel-and definitely not true to the form of your foot.

We did find one that Shannon found cute and comfortable on her fee-it's the same brand as her nursing clogs.

She says she'll try to be more present when shoe-shopping now.

"The shoes that I wear when I'm not working are just as important as the shoes that I wear when I am," said Gross.

Making strides to keep life pain-free one step at a time.

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