High school students using bath salts?

Bath salts are not just being used by adults anymore. High school students now seem to be using the synthetic drug. This year, the Ithaca school district faced a few instances of students who they believe were high on bath salts.

It is difficult, however, to prove that students are actually using the drug. "There's no test for them, so unless a person who's consumed them admits that they have taken them, there's no way for either the doctor or the school to know if they have," said Dr. Lesli Myers, Ithaca's assistant superintendent for student life.

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High school students using bath salts?

Dr. Myers also reported that students are mixing bath salts with marijuana. This creates a dangerous chemical combination between marijuana, a depressant, and bath salts, which are a stimulant. The school also had one incident within the past year in which a student became violent in class. Administrators believe that student was high on bath salts.

The district is working diligently to make sure that parents, faculty, and students are educated about the dangers of bath salts. It has hosted discussion groups about the drug, and has partnered with local organizations to educate the school community. School nurses have also been trained in how to properly handle students who seem to be under the influence of bath salts.