High water takes bite out of tackle shop business

Thursday's heavy rain is taking a bite out of business for Pulaski tackle and bait shops.

Anglers from as far as Virginia have flooded the village, for one of the biggest salmon fishing weekends of the year. But the high water is making river conditions dangerous. While Pulaski is under water, and under a state of emergency, officials are warning people not to fish in the river.

"We're going to be smart. With water this high and this fast you're going to run into trouble if you wade out too far so you do what you can." said Jim Ludden who traveled from New Jersey.

"We're here to try the fishing, and we're not happy with the high water but we're going to give it a try anyhow," said Terry Danny from Pennsylvania.

Area tackle shops, and businesses typically reel in big bucks this weekend. But the weather has washed out some of those crowds. The sign on the front of one business warns it's closed because there are fish in the basement.

Fat Nancy's says typically, today is it's busiest day of the year. But it's only seen half the foot traffic it usually does. It's hoping as the water recedes, it can lure in sales.

"It's a concern for us, we do an awful lot of our business in a 6 week period so hopefully people don't decide they're not coming this year because of this small window of high water," said Rob Ripka with Fat Nancy's.

Meanwhile, many anglers are hoping to catch some luck, and a fish or two, while staying out of the river.

"We're going to try a tributary that flows into the main river hopefully we can get out maybe a little bit into that, but the main river, no way, I wouldn't want to even attempt it," said David Miller from Pennsylvania.

And for those waiting to cast their line, there is good news up stream. "Once it does go down the fishing should be unbelievable because of the amount of fish that this has drawn in," said Ripka.