High wind watch for parts of CNY

A high wind watch is in effect for Onondaga, Oneida, Oswego, Jefferson, Lewis, Cayuga, Seneca, Yates and Wayne Cayuga counties from late Thursday night through Friday evening.

A high wind watch means that the potential exists for strong damaging winds to develop during the time outlined. The possibility exists for sustained winds of 40 mph will occur for one or more hours, or winds will gusts 58 mph or higher for one or more hours. Some wide open higher elevations could see winds gusting well past 58 mph.

These strong winds could bring down trees and power lines as well as cause property damage. A watch does not mean strong winds are occurring now. A high wind warning will be issued when the strong wind potential is imminent.

If your area has a high wind watch, here is what you should do:

-- Go about your normal activities, but be aware of the possibility of strong and/or damaging winds developing.

-- Keep an eye on Interactive Doppler and Triple Doppler radars on

-- Keep your phone with your CNYcentral mobile app turned on so if warnings are issued you will know.

-- Periodically check NBC-3, CBS-5 and CW-6 for updates on the weather and possible warnings.

-- If a high wind warning is issued and damaging winds occur, stay inside and away from windows.

-- Be prepared for trees blocking roadways and for power outages.

-- Have a battery operated radio, and several flashlights available and in working order.

Stay updated with this storm with these links:
-- Interactive Doppler Radar
-- Triple Doppler Radar

-- Lightning Strikes
-- Watches/Warnings: (Make sure to hit the 'F5' key to refresh the page.)
-- Follow CNY Central Meteorologists on Twitter

If you see a severe weather, damaging winds, hail, or flooding, please let us know on Facebook or by e-mail at or