High winds mean extra danger for firefighters battling flames in Syracuse

Firefighters at the scene of a fire on North Geddes Street in Syracuse

Windy weather turned a house fire into an extra dangerous situation for firefighters.

The fire started shortly after 5:00 p.m. on North Geddes Street on Syracuse's west side, between Interstate 690 and West Genesee Street.

Fire officials say the wind was fanning the flames and blowing them around. They say it was a risky situation for firefighters, because it could be tough to tell where the flames were going to blow.

"If the guys dont have a good exit and the wind takes off the fire is going to blow right over the top of them and trap them," Deputy Chief Ed Kurtz. 'It's not worth the risk of losing a guy over a house that's most likely going to be torn down. "

Deputy Chief Kurtz says the wind blew embers 100 yards away and caught a tree on fire.

"It was scary," said Stacy Salvaggi who lives nearby. "It's too close to home."

Five apartments were damaged in the fire. Everyone made it out safely, but there were also some exotic animals in the building including a few iguanas and a python. Fire officials say the snake and other animals were in cages.

There were five apartments in the home and Red Cross is helping the families who lived there.

Several areas in Central New York are under a red flag weather warning right now. That means there is an increased risk for the spread of fires because of high winds and low relative humidity.