Hinman receives 2 to 6 years behind bars after admitting to probation violation

Brandon Hinman/ CNYCentral file photo

Brandon Hinman, the Auburn man accused of stealing thousands of dollars from his dying wife and newborn daughters in 2014, has been sentenced to prison time.

Hinman was sentenced to two to six years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to a violation of his probation in Cayuga County Court Thursday.

When he admitted the violation, Hinman said, "I want to admit full responsibility for my actions." District Attorney Jon Budelmann then urged Judge Thomas Leone to rescind probation for Hinman, saying "This defendant has thumbed his nose at your honor's warnings."

Judge Leone seemed to agree with Budelmann, telling Hinman "In all honesty Brandon, you have done nothing I have asked you to do." Leone then sentenced Hinman to prison time.

Hinman was originally charged for stealing nearly $46,000 from a fund started to help his twin girls. His wife died from a rare pregnancy cancer three years ago. Hinman was ordered to pay back most of the money and get evaluated for substance abuse.

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