Hiscock Legal Aid inviting public in to take a look

Hiscock Legal Aid, based in Syracuse, provides attorneys to people who cannot afford lawyers

Hiscock Legal Aid Society has been providing legal help since 1949, and is now reaching out to let more of the community know what services it offers.

Its 'Justice for All' community initiative invites people in on the second and fourth Tuesdays for an hour breakfast meeting, to see what the not-for-profit does, and how it helps people in need.

Susan Horn, the President/CEO, says most clients are from the Syracuse area, and she'd like to see more potential clients ask for help when they first see problems arise.

Landlord-tenant disputes and mandated services through Family Court are two major areas where attorney help can be provided, but there is also help for cancer patients with end-of-life services like wills and designations for child custody and care.

Hiscock Legal Aid Society is at 351 South Warren Street in Syracuse, with an open door interviewing policy for civil cases.

422-8191 is the number for information on eligibility, or to come visit under the "Justice for All" community initiative.