Holland Patent teacher criticizes Superintendent for not considering weather on day of student's death

Anusha Yagey

Parents and staff of the Holland Patent School District are at odds with the Superintendentâ??s decision not to cancel school after the death of 16-year-old student Anusha Yagey on


. Yagey was pronounced dead at Upstate Hospital in Syracuse after the car he was riding in, driven by his brother 17-year-old Joseph Yagey, lost control on slushy roads and hit a cattle truck.

The crash happened on Route 365 in the Town of Floyd, just north of Utica. Now, a teacher in the school district has released a statement, criticizing the handling of the weather situation that day by Holland Patent Superintendent Kathleen M. Davis.

â??There is a history of ignoring the road conditions by Kathy Davis if she does not want to cancel or delay school such when the elementary state assessments were being held and there was icy conditions that would have warranted a delay at the minimum. Was there something so pressing that she did not want to postpone or reschedule that morning - maybe with an investigation we may find out. In the end a series of unfortunate events started by Kathy Davis led to the loss of a young manâ?¦â?? said teacher Phil Lucason.

Davis sent a letter, answering the supposed windfall of concern the decision not to cancel or delay school had garnered. She noted that the Holland Patent School District is large, and the weather in each township they serve can vary everyday, saying â??all weather is local.â??

Davis then threw the ball back in the court of the parents, saying it is â??normalâ?? for concerned people to question how they decide to close or delay school. In a prepared letter sent home on February 12, one that Davis said had been posted on their website, as well as sent home throughout the year, that â??Parents need to assess the situationâ?¦to determine if their child should stay home or board the bus.â?? Lucason replied in his letter to this statement by saying weather is not an excused absence from school, and said that Anusha Yagey was â??â?¦well liked by his peers, coaches, and teachers alike and loved deeply by his family who would have never knowingly put him in harms way (as her (Davisâ??) notice home implied).â??

Davis said, in her news release, that her â??â?¦heart is heavy with grief,â?? and that the tragedy (of Yageyâ??s death) would â??â?¦always be in my heart and mind.â?? CNY Central called Superintendent Davisâ?? office for comment, but she declined to her prepared statement sent today.