Hollywood stars Emma Roberts and John Cusack film movie in DeWitt family's home

A movie crew films "Adult World"

A movie being shot in Central New York brought two stars to the area Tuesday.

According to,

"Adult World"

is about "a recent college graduate who believes she's destined to be a great poet, instead winds up working for an adult book store."

Fiordon Road in DeWitt, a quiet tree lined street not far from Shoppingtown Mall, has hosted some serious star power over the past two days. The cast and crew of "Adult World" have been filming scenes at a local home - and curious neighbors had a chance to see just how a professional film crew works.

"Every day I walk to to the bus stop and see them making a movie," said Jack Fennell as he watched the crew setting up for a shot.

Fennell and other local kids were able to see Emma Roberts film a scene where she runs out of a house and drives away in a minivan as other characters chase after her.

"It's a great opportunity to see the backstage live scenes you only see on DVDs," said Alex Frank, who lives nearby.

The younger generation was hoping to meet Roberts during a break in filming while many of their parents were hoping to catch a glimpse of her co-star, John Cusack.

"Not a lot happens around here and it's kind of cool they want to film in our neighborhood," said Kate Stepanian who lives one block away from the film set.

While most of the neighborhood had to watch from outside, one local family had two Hollywood stars right in their living room.

The director and producer were looking for a ranch style house for filming and a friend of a friend knew the Grubka family. After Regan Grubka and her husband agreed to allow the film crew to use their house, some new furniture was moved in and soon they were hosting John Cusack.

"It's been a whirlwind. It's really exciting," said Regan Grubka. "When I saw him for the first time, he looked familiar like and old familiar face because you've seen him on so many shows and TV programs. So I'm like oh, that's John Cusack and I'm like oh - I'm in the same room!"

"Adult World" producer and 2006 Jamesville-DeWitt grad Justin Nappi said it was always a dream of his to bring a movie production to his hometown - and Nappi says Syracuse has a lot of movie-making potential.

"I think it's very capable. I think that you'll see a lot more filming going on in the next couple years. We're working on some stuff right now actually," said Nappi after filming had finished for the day.

"Adult World" has also shot scenes on North Salina street in Syracuse and Nappi said they will also be doing some filming at Syracuse University.

After he finished filming for the day, John Cusack was reportedly spotted in Armory Square.