Holy Family Church celebrates Audrey Gleason's life by giving an award in her name

Audrey Gleason had an award given in her name


oly Family Church in Fairmount is remembering the life of Audrey Gleason at the annual fundraiser, Taste of Holy Family. Gleason herself helped start this four years ago. The Baldwinsville Mother died in a car crash this past October. Everyone at tonight's event knew Audrey Gleason as a great woman with a special zest for life.

Andrew Salvetti is a member of his church's "core" committee. He worked with Audrey while they helped to enhance the lives of teens in their congregation. "She was hilarious, she was always making people laugh, she was happy all the time. When she was serious it was always when she was talking about her faith. You could just tell that was everything to her," says Salvetti.

Shelly Terzelo also belongs to the "core" committee. "She brought joy to our lives. It's a little bit away from the accident. When the accident occurred we were all very distraught. We do believe that she is in a better place and she's looking down on us and having a great time," says Terzelo.

Dakota Bateman was one of the hundreds who came out tonight looking to raise $10,000 to fund a youth conference for their parish's teen life group. Bateman remembers going on the trips which Audrey was instrumental in starting. These summer trips to Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH are for 100 of the church's teens.

"It's an amazing experience being able to go to the campus and to see so many people on fire about their faith and so in love with what their doing and to grow deeper in your faith," says Bateman.

This Fairmount parish is creating the Audrey Gleason Memorial Award to pay tribute to Audrey's life. This award is going to a teen who shares the same zest for life and faith in God as Audrey did during her life.

Robert Frangio is another core member who knows what this award will mean. "That particular person would be here to carry on and maybe give our incoming students and the program a little bit of an idea of who Audrey was," says Frangio.

Everyone hopes this award will carry on Audrey's spirit and continue the fundraiser for years to come.