Property owner forced to demolish home on edge of Lake Ontario

Homeowner forced to demolish house on edge of Lake Ontario

A house teetering on a cliff above Lake Ontario won't be there for much longer.

The owner of the Sodus Point home said he plans to demolish it next weekend.

The house sits on Lake Road, not far from Sodus Bay and the land underneath is quickly eroding because of high water levels.

The erosion on this home's backyard has been an ongoing process for the past two years, but all the way up against the foundation to the back door, just gave way within the last couple of weeks.

What appears to be a quiet, lake front property is now holding on to the edge of Lake Ontario's shoreline.

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"You can see there was a row of trees behind the house," the homeowner said. "When we had that northeastern storm, it started it. Then the high water did the rest."

The homeowner is now beginning to face the reality of his property.

"The house has a mortgage and there's no insurance coverage on it, so we have to pay to have it knocked down, carted away," he explained.

The homeowner added that if they don't knock it down within the next week, then they will have to pay additional fines for the house falling into the lake.

He owes near $200,000 on the house and he hopes to find some relief from the DEC.

"At this point I'm not sure, I didn't get a lot of answers on the way things are going," the homeowner said.

However, he remains hopeful for the future, while reflecting on the past.

"We've enjoyed this, had four-wheelers on this land and now it's just there won't be anything here. Just a big piece of empty land," the homeowner said.

He said it will be sad to see it go, but they are planning on demolition this upcoming Saturday.

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