Homes tested for potential health hazard

The EPA is taking serious precautions to make sure one central New York community is clean and safe to live in. Fifty homes in Aurelius and Union Springs are being tested for potentially deadly vapors, possibly from a former GE plant. Previous studies have shown "TCE", an industrial solvent linked to health problems, in the area's groundwater.

In order to conduct the test, the EPA makes three visits to each home. On the first day they drill a small hole into the "sub-slab" beneath the home and seal it. On the next visit they install 24 hour monitoring canisters. tests will be done over the next two months. Depending on the test results, the EPA may then install an abatement system, which is the same as a radon system.

The EPA is also investigating potential sources of the contamination, including the old GE plant. The agency says the have talked to those responsible for the plant, along with conducting an investigation. However, the EPA says it hasn't made any conclusions when it comes to the source. them and we're doing an investigation but we have not decided just what the source is yet .

Contractors for GE were also in Aurelius today and appeared to be checking monitoring wells close by the homes being tested.