Honor ride for fallen rider who was hit and killed by SUV

Honor ride for fallen rider who was hit and killed by S-U-V

SYRACUSE, NY -- The biking community banded together to remember one of their own.

51-year-old James Hotchkiss, of North Syracuse, was hit and killed by an SUV last Friday.

Investigators say the driver was making a left hand off Route 11 onto Crabtree Lane and turned into the path of Hotchkiss's bike. No tickets have been issued.

Motorcyclist revving their engines in solidarity for James Hotchkiss.

"There's something that we can do that no one else can do is show up in big numbers and make a lot of noise and really just show support to his family and friends," said Stephanie Swank, member of Syracuse Bikers.

David Hunt of North Syracuse has been riding for more than 40 years. He's heard of too many motorcycle accidents this year and it's only the beginning of riding season.

"You get on the bike and you don't have a care in the world, used to, now you have to watch every single thing that's going," added David Hunt.

This group side by side from Marshall street in Syracuse, passed the scene of the accident, and to the funeral home for calling hours.

Swank has been riding for 9 years and says part of the problem is too many distracted drivers on the road. She says everyone to slow down and pay more attention.

"Take your time, put the cell phones down. Don't be distracted and just look out, both sides of the fence, bikers too. Look where you are going and bikers wear your gear and look out for each other, look out for cars and use your signals, it's important," added Swank.

A reflection ride to remember lives, like James Hotchkiss, that were taken too soon.

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