Hoodies worn at NYC church in memory of Trayvon Martin

      Trayvon Martin

      Members of the clergy and congregation at a New York City church are wearing hooded sweatshirts at the Sunday morning service in memory of the unarmed teenager shot to death in Florida.

      A sign outside the Middle Collegiate Church urged worshippers to wear hoodies, and dozens could be seen in the pews.

      As the service started, Associate Minister Chad Tanaka Pack pulled a black hoodie over his own head and led a prayer "for all who have been affected by the acts of human violence."

      Trayvon Martin was wearing a hoodie when he was slain in the town of Sanford on Feb. 26. The shooting has set off a nationwide furor.

      Neighborhood crime-watch captain George Zimmerman claimed self-defense and has not been arrested, though state and federal authorities are still investigating.