Horseshoe Island neighbors shocked by deadly Clay crash

Neighbors are in shock after hearing about the death of 40-year-old Steven Sears of Phoenix, whose family lives on Horseshoe Island.

Sears had left a party on Horseshoe Island on Sunday night prior to the deadly car accident on Bonestead Road in Clay, according to Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh.

According to Walsh, 42-year-old Glenwood Carr of Baldwinsville was driving Sears from the party when he crashed into a utility pole. The car flipped, and Sears was pronounced dead at the scene. Carr fled the scene, and remains at large.

Neighbors are now only beginning to come to terms with what happened. "The accident that happened last night is just...leaves you breathless," said Dawn Baunee, a friend of Steven Sears who lives on Horseshoe Island. "I can't believe it. I'm still in shock."

Baunee described Sears as a delightful, enthusiastic and down-to-earth person. His death also comes as tragic news to other neighbors.

"Just horrified," said Nancy Willoughby, who has lived on Horseshoe Island for 80 years. "Really, really upset. You know, it's a bad corner over there [on Bonstead Road]. And you kind of have to really kind of watch your way going under that bridge."

Neighbors described Horseshoe Island as a tight-knit community where everyone is familiar with one another. "The Sears Family, you know, everyone knows who they are," explained Baunee. "And they're hard-working people. And right now is a very, very sad time. And I'm so sorry."

"When you find out it's one of your own practically, it's sad," added Willoughby.

The Onondaga County Sheriff's Department asks anyone with more information about Glenwood Carr's whereabouts to call 435-3081.