Hot dog in a donut is the new crazy calorie fried treat at 2012 State Fair

Last year it was the Big Kahuna Donut Burger, this year fairgoers have a new concoction to try.

The New York State Fair says the newest food coming to this year's fair is the Big Kahuna Donut Dog. Here's what it is: A maple donut with a hot dog wrapped in bacon inside. If you loved the Big Kahuna Donut Burger, don't worry, it will be back again this year.

There will be deep fried mac and cheese again this year with a twist. It's being combined with another food. Tikki Turtle is offering a fresh ground hamburger, and instead of using sliced cheese, they're topping it with the deep fried mac and cheese. Here's what the Deep Fried Specialties stand is also offering this year: deep fried lasagna, deep fried fluff and banana sandwiches, deep fried brownies, deep fried peanut butter and deep fried jelly beans.

It's not just all fried. The New York State Fair offers a variety of food. You will be able to find all of the food available at the Fair by checking the New York State Fair Food Finder. Just type in what you are looking for and the Food Finder will tell you who is selling it and where they are located. According to the fair, this website will be updated and operating before the start of the Fair on August 23.

The 2012 Fair will run from August 23rd through September 3rd.