Hot weather affecting outdoor manual laborers

With Friday's forecasted high at a record 96, and heat indicies going into the 100's, doing anything outside will be a challenge. Most people will be able to stay inside either at work or in the comfort of air conditioning in their homes. But, some people will need to brave the heat, as their job requires them to work outside, and often manual labor is accompanied with that.

Jeff Moesch is the head superintendent at Cazenovia Golf Club, and has been dealing with the heat for at least two weeks, often waking up at three in the morning just to get his watering done before the sun starts to shine. He admits that it's been a challenge.

"It's been a struggle the last two weeks," he says. "A lot of early mornings, really putting a test to all the irrigations systems, for all of the superintedents out there."

Moesch and his crew have been scheduling their toughest work before the sun is at it's hottest, something that a lot of places with manual laborers do when it gets hot. At Onondaga Lake Park, they are taking the heat on their workers seriously.

"We are making sure that we have them take breaks in air conditioned areas," Robin Augello, the Onondaga County Public Information director says. "We remind them to constantly stay hydrated, and always have water with them."

With no established rainful in the forecast for the next seven days, all of the workers will need to exercise extreme caution when working outside.